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Firestone Roof Coatings

Firestone Building Products has two coating programs that cover many roofing systems, offering a variety of benefits, including an extended roof life and substantial energy savings.

Firestone Roof Coatings

Extended Roof Life. Substantial Energy Savings.

Many times, when a roof system has reached the end of its useful life, there is no real permanent solution to the leaks and ongoing damage besides complete removal and replacement of the roof. This is typically a costly, capital intensive investment which can result in building interruptions, noise and dust. Even when highly-skilled professional roofing contractors are engaged, these are sometimes unavoidable in the process. And typically, these types of investments for commercial and industrial properties must be depreciated over a 39 year period.

Industrial Elastomeric Roof Coating Shield Image

However, there are times when a roof is repairable. Proper repairs for the membrane type followed by a properly-installed, high-quality coating can add years to the service life of most systems. Such programs are usually less expensive than a complete re-roof and can potentially be written off as an expense in the year the work is performed.

Firestone Building Products has coating systems specially formulated to provide long-term performance for almost any roofing system. These easy to install products offer a variety of benefits, including an extended roof life and potential energy savings, and the system of cleaners, primers, base coats, top coats and other accessories provide an enhance monolithic covering for almost any existing roof membrane or surface.


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