New RubberGard No-Fold, Pre-Taped EPDM Membranes

September 8, 2010

Firestone Building Products is pleased to announce the offering of several new RubberGard no-fold, pre-taped EPDM membranes. Specifically, the exceptionally popular 10’ and 16’8” widths are now available in pre-taped, no-fold formats for both standard black RubberGard and EcoWhite EPDM. As these products do not contain fold lines they can be installed quickly – even in cold weather. Our customers will also appreciate that these membranes are packaged one panel per core eliminating the handling of additional panels during installation.
Firestone’s No-Fold, Pre-Taped membranes have many benefits, including:

  • Faster year-round installation due to reduced fold and wrinkle fallout time which can significantly reduce labor costs
  • Single panel rolls which eliminates extra panel handling onsite
  • Factory installed tape that yields higher quality seams
  • Reduces VOCs on the jobsite

RubberGard PT EPDM systems are eligible for a Red Shield® Warranty up to 20 years for 60-mil systems and up to 30 years for 90-mil systems – the best in the industry. To learn more about pre-taped EPDM membranes and warranties, contact Firestone Roofing Solutions at 800-428-4511.
For more information, please contact your local Firestone Sales Representative.
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