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Boonville Public Library


Boonville Public Library

Boonville, Indiana

The headline says it all, “Winds Over100 Miles per Hour Rip through Boonville, Indiana”.

The storm damaged or destroyed over 100 structures, including the roof of the Boonville High School, miraculously none of the students were injured.  Another miracle, of sorts, was the condition of the Boonville Public Library after the storm, located just half a block away.

“Not a panel was destroyed. There wasn’t the first leak inside the building,” recalls Greggory H. Nichols, RRC, RRO, with an understandable tone of pride in his voice.

A year earlier, Nichols, a roofing consultant with STR Building Resources, in Westfield Indiana, was retained by the City of Boonville, to oversee the reroofing of the Public Library.

Nichol’s preliminary assessment revealed, “The original batten-seam metal roof had leak issues. Probably 20% of the interior ceiling was water stained. The library staff used creative ideas to protect the 139,000 books from water damage.”

The project had a budget of $543,000 and included the removal and installation of 38,200 square feet of standing seam metal roofing. The job also included 4,000 square feet of steel siding panels and the replacement of the entire gutter system. The selection of products, manufacturer and contractor were crucial to the success of the project. Gregg selected Firestone Building Products to provide the roofing materials.

Doug Ruffner from Architectural Construction Products, Inc. (ACP), a sales representative of Firestone Building Products, met with Gregg and the client to understand their goals and requirements for the project. Together, they determined that Firestone Building Products would provide CLAD-GARD™ SA Underlayment; UC-14 22ga “Copper Penny” and UC-500 24ga “Copper Penny” for the project.  These were selected to provide not only protection but also the aesthetic impact the client desired.

Click here to read the full case study.

File Name Size Download
7-E-03 UC-7 Sliding Eave with Standing Seam Fascia 72 kB
14-E-01 UC-14 Sliding Eave at Drip Edge  69 kB
14-E-02 UC-14 Sliding Eave at Gutter  73 kB
14-E-04 UC-014 Cleated Sliding Eave at Gutter  29 kB
14-EJ-01 UC-14 Expansion Joint 35 kB
14-HE-01 UC-14 Fixed High Eave with Z-Closure  34 kB
14-HE-02 UC-14 Fixed high Eave with Modified J-Channel  38 kB
14-HW-01 UC-14 Fixed Headwall with Z-Closure at Reglet  49 kB
14-HW-02 UC-14 Fixed headwall with Z-Closure at EIFS or Wall Panel  32 kB
14-HW-03 UC-14 Fixed Headwall with Modified J-Channel at Reglet  53 kB
14-HW-04 UC-14 Fixed Headwall with Modified J-Channel at EIFS or Wall Panel 33 kB
14-LE-01 UC-14 End Lap 75 kB
14-P-01 UC-14 Penetration with Pipe Flashing  41 kB
14-P-02A UC-14 Curb – High & Low Side Detail  39 kB
14-P-02B UC-14 Curb – Rake Detail 24 kB
14-PB-01 UC-14 Pitchbreak Transition at Roof Edge  40 kB
14-PB-02 UC-14 Pitchbreak transition – Steep to Low Slope  38 kB
14-PB-03 UC-14 Pitchbreak Transition – Low to Steep Slope 37 kB
14-R-01 UC-14 Fixed Hip or Ridge with Z-Closure  36 kB
14-R-02 UC-14 Fixed Hip or Ridge with Modified J-Channel  40 kB
14-R-03 UC-14 Ridge-Hip Cap Splice  24 kB
14-R-05 UC-14 Vented Ridge with Z-Closure  38 kB
14-RK-01 UC-14 Rake with Hemmed Panel Edge  26 kB
14-RK-02 UC-14 Rake with Modified J-Channel  26 kB
14-RK-03 UC-14 Rake with J-Cleat 22 kB
14-SG-01 UC-14 Continuous Snow Retention System 19 kB
14-SW-01 UC-14 Sidewall Flashing with Modified J-Channel at Reglet  46 kB
14-SW-02 UC-14 Sidewall Flashing with Modified J-Channel at EIFS or Wall Panel  27 kB
14-TR-01 UC-14 EPDM to Metal Roof System Transition 30 kB
14-V-01 UC-14 Valley with Continuous Cleat  37 kB
14-V-03 UC-14 Valley at Rake Wall  57 kB
SA-E-01 CLAD-GARD SA Eave 65 kB
SA-HW-01 CLAD-GARD SA Head Wall 68 kB
SA-R-01 CLAD-GARD SA Ridge/Hip 86 kB
SA-RK-01 CLAD-GARD SA Rake Edge 65 kB
SA-SW-01 CLAD-GARD SA Side Wall 76 kB
SA-V-01 CLAD-GARD SA Valley 74 kB
File Name Size Download
Boonville Public Library Case Study – Item 1939 612 kB
CLAD-GARD Metal Roofing Underlayment Sell Sheet – Item 1831 608 kB
Metal Color Selection Chart – Item 1185 284 kB
Metal Stocking Matrix – Item 0123 8 MB
UNA-CLAD Metal Roofing Systems Brochure – Item 1181 2 MB
File Name Size Download
QS-METAL UC-14, Steel 5-20YR 48 kB
QS-METAL UC-14, Steel 25-30 YR 47 kB
QS-METAL UC-14, Wood 5-20YR 49 kB
QS-METAL UC-14, Wood 25-30 YR 48 kB
File Name Size Download
CLAD-GARD SA-FR Underlayment with CoreGard Technology – SDS 249 kB
Firestone CLAD-GARD SA – SDS 392 kB
SA-LVOC Primer – SDS 1 MB
SA-Solvent Based (SB) Primer – SDS 1 MB
SA-Water Based (WB) Primer – SDS 305 kB
File Name Size Download
Acrylic Patching Cement – White – TIS 1611 97 kB
Acrylic Rust Inhibitive Metal Primer – TIS 1610 97 kB
Aluminum Roof Coating – TIS 1608 70 kB
CLAD-GARD™ SA Metal Underlayment – TIS 2068 77 kB
Clear Skylight Coating – TIS 1614 272 kB
Elastomeric Seam Tape – TIS 1612 61 kB
Industrial Elastomeric Roof Coating – TIS 1607 70 kB
Polyester Fabric – TIS 1613 57 kB
Rust Inhibitive Metal Primer (Red) – TIS 1609 97 kB
SA-LVOC Primer – TIS 1449 227 kB
UC-14 Clip – TIS 2065 219 kB
UC-14 Continous Clip – TIS 2078 188 kB
UC-14 Standing Seam Panel for Architectural Metal Roofing – TIS 2021 88 kB
UC Bearing Plate – TIS 2066 119 kB
UNA-Clad™ #10 Fasteners – TIS 1023 501 kB
UNA-Clad™ #12 Fasteners – TIS 1024 474 kB
UNA-Clad™ #12 Purlin Drilling Fasteners – TIS 1025 440 kB
File Name Size Download
ESR-3422 Firestone Metal Roofing Panels 777 kB
FL13451-R6 Firestone CLAD-GARD Roof Underlayments 484 kB
Firestone Building Products – Metal Code Approval Guide 639 kB
File Name Size Download
Metal Color Selection Chart – Item 1185 284 kB
Videos Size Download
Boonville Public Library 4 kB
File Name Size Download