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Claremont Golf Club


Claremont Golf Club

Portland, Oregon

Thanks to the superior performance of the Firestone EPDM Geomembrane System, the ponds, streams and waterfalls installed at the Claremont Golf Club are still as beautiful and functional today, as the day they were constructed.  In 1997, 18,000 square feet of 45-mil EPDM geomembrane was installed to create 20 ponds, including 2 sizeable water hazards, a winding stream and a waterfall. 

The membrane was selected for many reasons including its high flexability, excellent expansion and contraction characteristics, ability to conform to the subgrade and proven performance in a variety of temperatures and applications.  In addition, the material is safe for fish and plant life and helps control water quality.

The geomembranes have performed extremely well over the years said John Shewchuk, manager, Showplace Landscape Services, the landscape company for Claremont Golf Club.  Aside from the usual maintenance routine, which consists mainly of draining, cleaning and refilling the ponds, weve never had to repair any of the liners. Theyre all performing great with no signs of wear or weathering.

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Claremont Golf Club / Portland, OR