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Greenfield Irrigation District


Greenfield Irrigation District

Fairfield, Montana

The Greenfield Irrigation District (GID), a non-profit organization in Fairfield, MT, provides much needed water to area farmers, whose crops would otherwise suffer due to the regions lack of rain. After losing water in earthen and cracked, concrete canals, the district decided to rehabilitate an 5.5 mile section of canal.  This stretch serves several hundred acres of land and supplies water to Freezeout Lake, which is owned by the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department.

Durability, life expectancy, warranty, expansion and contraction characteristics, puncture resistance and cost were all considerations in the liner selection.  Given its physical properties, liffe expectency and ease of installation, the district selected Firestone’s EPDM Geomembrane.  The district further saved money by using its own personnel to install the liner.

Everyone involved with the Greenfield project is pleased with the results. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the easiest and most cost-effective way to line a canal and conserve water, Bob Hardin, manager of the GID. We will definitely be lining additional sections of the canal network with Firestone EPDM Geomembrane.

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Greenfield Irrigation District / Fairfield, MT