SkyPaver Composite Roof Pavers

SkyPaver Composite Roof Pavers


The Most Versatile Roof Pavers

SkyPavers Composite Roof Pavers are 4″ x 8″ pavers that sit on 16″ x 16″ grids, come in five colors, are made from up to 95% recycled scrap tires and waste plastics, weigh less than 1/3 the weight of concrete pavers, and are highly durable (can’t chip, break or stain).

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Features and Benefits

Highest Durability

SkyPavers don’t stain, puncture, scratch, chip or break. Unlike concrete pavers that break easily and must constantly be replaced, or rubber pavers that puncture easily, Firestone SkyPavers sustain their beauty and integrity under even the harshest conditions.

Best Recycled Content

95% of the materials in SkyPaver Composite Roof Pavers are recycled rubbers and plastics. Since both rubbers and plastics are used, a 500 square foot SkyPaver rooftop reuses 250 truck tires and 7,500 plastic gallon jugs. No other rooftop paver product utilizes this diversity of recycled materials.

Best Warranty

While concrete paver warranties last for only a few years, SkyPaver Composite Roof Pavers are warranted for up to 20 years.

Most Flexible Design Options

SkyPaver ColorsSkyPaver Composite Roof Pavers come in five beautiful colors and two thicknesses (1.75″ and 2.40″) that can be placed into a nearly endless number of designs. Accessory pavers allow for curved designs, and the Transitions and Wedge pavers provide a finished edge for easy transition.

Easy to Install

Only 35% the weight of concrete pavers, SkyPaver Composite Roof Pavers take less than 1/3 the time to install. They nest into their patented grids and lock the grids together through overlapping design, with no special tools required.


SkyPaver DiagramSkyPaver Composite Roof Pavers work well in multiple applications including plaza decks, green roof walkways and roof walkways. They combine beauty and durability with sustainability and easy installation to provide the best value in rooftop paver solutions. Additionally, SkyPaver Composite Roof Pavers meet ASTM C1028-07 and D2394-05e1 standards for slip resistance.

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File Name Size Download
SP-01 SkyPaver Assembly 1.98 Paver with Grid 103 kB
SP-02 SkyPaver 4x8x1.98 Paver 103 kB
SP-03 SkyPaver Grid for 1.98 Pavers 102 kB
SP-06 SkyPaver 4x8x1.23 107 kB
SP-07 SkyPaver Grid for 1.23 Pavers 122 kB
SP-08 SkyPaver Half Paver 103 kB
SP-09 SkyPaver Legless Wedge 108 kB
SP-10 SkyPaver Soldier Course Legless Paver 102 kB
SP-11 SkyPaver Bullnose Paver 106 kB
SP-12 SkyPaver Transition Paver 108 kB
File Name Size Download
Bridgestone Akron Tire Center 1 MB
SkyPaver Composite Roof Pavers Sell Sheet – Item 1313 1 MB
File Name Size Download
077600 SkyPaver Composite Roof Pavers 31 kB
SkyPaver Installation Guide 482 kB
File Name Size Download
SkyPaver Composite Roof Paver SDS 67 kB
File Name Size Download
Fixed Height Pedestal – TIS 1908 336 kB
SkyDrain™ Sheet – TIS 1910 324 kB
SkyPaver Accessories – TIS 1935 414 kB
SkyPaver Composite Pavers – TIS 1934 395 kB
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