SkyScape Pregrown Modular Systems

SkyScape Pregrown Modular Systems

Long-lasting, Green in an Instant

SkyScape Pregrown Modular System Image

SkyScape SkyScape Pregrown Modular System features an engineered design that encourages plant growth and provides enhanced stormwater management capabilities. This system is built on the foundation of our 15” x 20” x 5.75” with 4.0” media depth, 100% recycled high density polypropylene module.

Features and Benefits

Manageable size intended for one person handling for safe, fast, and simple installation. Also, modules are removable to make roof repair and maintenance simple.

Performance-based Modular design.

Modules are pre-grown at our partner nurseries in accordance with your specifications, delivered to the job site, and installed for an instant mature vegetative roof.

Formed from 100% recycled HDPE with UV inhibitors and UV stabilized.

Covered by the strength of our Red Shield Warranty.

OPTIONAL: Integrated irrigation rotary heads can be pre-installed into the module equipped with quick connect supply line hookups.


Locations where municipal stormwater retention codes or incentives drive the market.

Projects where the roofer is the green roof installer.

Markets where tray systems are more popular than BIP systems.

Complementary Products

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File Name Size Download
SS-01 Built – Extensive 136 kB
SS-02 Built Intensive 136 kB
SS-03 Built – Semi-Intensive 150 kB
SS-04 Built Edge at Ballast 111 kB
SS-05 Built Edge at Paver 113 kB
SS-06 Module Detail 104 kB
SS-06A 2.5 Inch 15 x 20 Pregrown Module 108 kB
SS-06B 4 Inch 15 x 20 Pregrown Module 151 kB
SS-06C 6.0 Inch 15 x 20 Pregrown Module 154 kB
SS-06D 8.0 Inch 15 x 20 Pregrown Module 158 kB
SS-06E 4.0 Inch 12 x 24 Pregrown Module 150 kB
SS-07 Module Drain Chamber 110 kB
SS-09 Module Edge at Paver 94 kB
SS-10 Module Irrigation 133 kB
File Name Size Download
SkyScape Brochure™ – Item 1299 5 MB
File Name Size Download
Pregrown Modular Vegetative Roof System Guide 295 kB
SkyScape™ Design & Installation Guide 146 kB
SkyScape™ Maintenance Guide 2 MB
File Name Size Download
SkyScape™ Aluminum Drain Inspection Chamber – TIS 1930 269 kB
SkyScape™ Drainage Panel 1.25″ – TIS 1937 73 kB
SkyScape™ Extensive Growing Medium – TIS 1924 291 kB
SkyScape™ Module Edging – TIS 1929 212 kB
SkyScape™ Pregrown Modular System – TIS 1945 463 kB
SkyScape™ Root Barrier – TIS 1917 267 kB
SkyScape™ Stormwater Max Growing Media – 1943 92 kB
Skyscape™ Ballast Paver – TIS 1941 86 kB
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