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High performance – cost efficient polyiso delivers the highest R-value per inch in cold temperatures making it the smartest investment you can make when insulating your building. At low temperatures competing polyiso boards require additional thickness to achieve the same R-value of Firestones polyiso.

Product Benefits

Highest R-value per inch in cold temperatures.

Thermal resistance outperforms industry standard by up to 18%.

A 500,000 square-foot roof can get a cost savings of up to 40k.

Requires less embodied energy to manufacture than mineral wool

From raw material to product and transportation, polyiso requires 85% less energy to manufacture than mineral wool.

Mineral wool requires twice as many boards as polyiso and is 4.5 times heavier.

Polyiso can also be recycled and reused on roofing applications, where mineral wool cannot.

Does not require thermal barrier because it acts as one (per IECC 2012 ASHRAE 90.1).

 Excellent compressive strength allows polyiso to stand up to foot traffic from routine maintenance.

Firestone Insulation & Accessories

ISO 95+™ GL Insulation

Tapered ISO 95+ Polyiso Insulation 

RESISTA Polyiso Insulation


Cover Boards

Insulation Adhesives

Additional Resources

Read industry information about polyiso insulation, high r-value, continuous insulation & fire performance and all the latest news by visiting the PIMA website.

Read PIMA’s EDP (Environmental Product Declaration) here.

PIMA R-Value Performance Bulletin here.

Current LTTR Values Chart

LTTR Presentation

Polyiso vs. Mineral Wool Sell Sheet

PIMA R-Value Performance Bulletin

ISO vs. MW Manufacturing Infographic

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