Built Up Roofing

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Lap Splice

File Name Size Download
BU-LS-01 Ply Spacing – 4 Ply Metric BUR158 kB
BU-LS-2 Back Nailing95 kB

Roof Edge

File Name Size Download
BU-RE-01 Gravel-Stop Edge using Strip Flashing 77 kB
BU-RE-01A UNA-EDGE DripEdge/Gravel-Stop Edge with Strip In82 kB
BU-RE-02 Gutter w/o Flange using Strip Flashing 81 kB
BU-RE-02A Gutter w/o Flange using UNA-EDGE DE & Strip In82 kB
BU-RE-03 Gutter w/Flange Using Strip Flashing83 kB
BU-RE-04 AnchorGard80 kB
BU-RE-05 AnchorGard Extended Face Roof Edge 83 kB
BU-RE-06 Gravel Stop Edge using Strip Flashing223 kB

Base Tie-In

File Name Size Download
BU-BT-01 BUR Base Flashing for Wall-Supported Deck 77 kB
BU-BT-02 BUR Base Flashing for Non Wall-Supported Deck 83 kB
BU-BT-03 BUR Base Flashing for Vented Perimeter 79 kB
BU-BT-04 BUR Surface Mounted Counter-Flashing for Concrete Walls 79 kB
BU-BT-05 BUR Metal Parapet Cap (Coping) and Base Flashing 83 kB
BU-BT-06 BUR Prefabricated Metal Curb86 kB
BU-BT-07 BUR Skylight, Roof Hatch and Smoke Vent 84 kB
BU-BT-08 BUR Curb 84 kB
BU-BT-09A BUR UNA-EDGE Coping and RubberGard Wall Flashing85 kB
BU-BT-09 BUR Curb/Wall Flashing using RubberGard Membrane 85 kB
BU-BT-5A UNA-Edge Parapet Cap Coping and Base Flashing83 kB
BU-BT-10 BUR Curb/Wall Flashing using RubberGard Membrane 86 kB
BU-BT-11 BUR Base Tie-In with Roof Edge on a Parapet 78 kB
BU-BT-12 BUR Modified Bitumen Base Flashing Attachment 284 kB


File Name Size Download
BU-C-01 BUR Outside Corner 86 kB
BU-C-02 BUR Inside Corner130 kB


File Name Size Download
BU-P-01 Hot Stack Flashing 79 kB
BU-P-02 Sheet Metal Enclosure for Piping through Roof Deck 92 kB
BU-P-03 Plumbing Vent79 kB
BU-P-04 Penetration Pocket 132 kB
BU-P-05 QuickSeam Pipe Flashing with APP 160 Target 78 kB
BU-P-06 Firestone 6″ QuickSeam Penetration Pocket with APP 160 Target130 kB

Drain & Scupper

File Name Size Download
BU-D-01 Roof Drain 89 kB
BU-D-02 Firestone Drain Insert 100 kB
BU-S-01 Scupper74 kB

Expansion Joint

File Name Size Download
BU-E-01 Expansion Joint with Metal Cover 73 kB
BU-E-02 Expansion Joint with Pre-Manufactured Cover 72 kB
BU-E-03 Expansion Joint with RubberGard Membrane 30 kB
BU-E-04 Expansion Joint with RubberGard Membrane66 kB


File Name Size Download
BU-M-01 Equipment Support Curb 67 kB
BU-M-03 Sleeper 56 kB
BU-M-04 Concrete Walkway Paver 62 kB
BU-M-05 Catch Pan 65 kB
BU-M-06 Area Divider 67 kB
BU-M-07 Lightning Rod 134 kB
BU-M-08 Walkway Pad146 kB