UltraFlash Liquid Flashing

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File Name Size Download
MB-M-07P Lightning Rod – 30 YEARS191 kB
MB-M-8P Cold Adhesive Platinum Warranty Cross-Section154 kB

Base Tie-In

File Name Size Download
MB-BT-15 UltraFlash Curb (SBS Only)175 kB
MB-BT-16 UltraFlash Curb (SBS Only)168 kB
MB-BT-17 UltraFlash Base Flashing for Wall-Supported Deck (SBS Only)173 kB
MB-BT-18 Metal Parapet Cap (Coping) and Base Flashing182 kB
MB-BT-19 UltraFlash Base Flashing for Wall-Supported Deck171 kB

Lap Splice

File Name Size Download
UF-LS-01 UltraFlash System250 kB

Roof Edge

File Name Size Download
MB-RE-12 UltraFlash Drip Edge156 kB


File Name Size Download
MB-C-03 UltraFlash Inside Corner155 kB
MB-C-04 UltraFlash Outside Corner 142 kB

Drain & Scupper

File Name Size Download
MB-D-04 UltraFlash No Lead Roof Drain 191 kB
MB-S-02 UltraFlash Scupper171 kB


File Name Size Download
MB-P-07 UltraFlash Pipe Flashing 156 kB
MB-P-08 UltraFlash Penetration Pocket 265 kB
MB-P-09 UltraFlash Hot Stack Flashing 165 kB
MB-P-10 UltraFlash “I” Beam Flashing362 kB