Platinum UltraPly TPO

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Lap Splice

File Name Size Download
PUT-LS-02 Lap Splice with 2″ Hand Weld 87 kB
PUT-LS-03 Lap Splice With Continuous Weld 79 kB
PUT-LS-06 Lap Splice with Headlap Under Field Seam using T-Joint Cover 102 kB
PUT-LS-08 Lap Splice with Headlap over Field Seam using T-Joint Cover100 kB
PUT-LS-09 Lap Splice with 1½” Automatic Welder82 kB

Roof Edge

File Name Size Download
PUT-RE-01 Roof Edge With AnchorGard Platinum 107 kB
PUT-RE-05 Roof Edge With AnchorGard Extended Face 113 kB
PUT-RE-09 Roof Edge With Firestone EdgeGard134 kB
PUT-RE-12 Roof Edge With Firestone EdgeGard 135 kB
PUT-RE-13 Roof Edge with Firestone Drain Bar 150 kB
PUT-RE-16 Roof Edge Gutter With UltraPly TPO Coated Metal 147 kB
PUT-RE-17 Roof Edge with Firestone Drain Bar 143 kB

Base Tie-In

File Name Size Download
PUT-BT-01 Base Tie-In With HD Seam Plates Fastened to Deck 129 kB
PUT-BT-02 Base Tie-In With HD Seam Plates Fastened to Wall/Curb 120 kB
PUT-BT-07 Base Tie-In Curb/Parapet with Existing Cant 130 kB
PUT-BT-08 Base Tie-In With UltaPly TPO Coated Metal (With Break) 127 kB
PUT-BT-09 UltraPly TPO Coated Metal (Wtih Break) Splice 143 kB
PUT-BT-10 Base Tie-In With UltraPly TPO Coated Metal 129 kB
PUT-BT-11 UltraPly TPO Coated Metal Splice 137 kB
PUT-BT-16 Membrane Securement at Outside Corner 117 kB
PUT-BT-17 Membrane Securement at Inside Corner112 kB


File Name Size Download
PUT-C-01 Outside Corner 104 kB
PUT-C-02 Inside Corner 97 kB
PUT-C-06 Outside Corner With UltraPly TPO Coated Metal (With Break) 117 kB
PUT-C-07 Outside Corner With UltraPly TPO Coated Metal 110 kB
PUT-C-08 Base Tie-In With UltraPly TPO Coated Metal (With Break) 134 kB
PUT-C-09 Inside Corner With UltraPly TPO Coated Metal113 kB


File Name Size Download
PUT-P-01 Penetration With UltraPly TPO Large Pipe Flashing 183 kB
PUT-P-02 Penetration With UltraPly TPO Small Pipe Flashing 182 kB
PUT-P-04 Penetration With UltraPly TPO Flashing 157 kB
PUT-P-09 Penetration With TPO Penetration Pocket 231 kB
PUT-P-11 Penetration With UltraPly TPO Coated Metal Penetration Pocket to Nailer 228 kB
PUT-P-13 Penetration with Metal Penetration Pocket To Deck 228 kB
PUT-P-14 Penetration With Metal Penetration Pocket to Nailer for Recover or Reroof228 kB

Drain & Scupper

File Name Size Download
PUT-D-01 Roof Drain 153 kB
PUT-D-02 Overflow Roof Drain with Water Dam 139 kB
PUT-D-03 Firestone Drain Insert 172 kB
PUT-D-04 Roof Drain With Overflow Drain 171 kB
PUT-S-05 Thru-Wall Platinum TPO Coated Metal Scupper151 kB
PUT-S-06 OverFlow Scupper Platinum TPO Coated Metal Scupper124 kB

Expansion Joint

File Name Size Download
PUT-E-02 Expansion Joint (Field Fabricated) With Welded Splice Roof to Wall 153 kB
PUT-E-04 Expansion Joint (Field Fabricated) with Welded Splice and wood Nailer – Roof to Roof 139 kB
PUT-E-06 Expansion Joint (field fabricated) with Welded Splice – Roof to Roof 145 kB
PUT-E-08 Expansion Joint (manufacturer cover) with Wide Weld Splice 148 kB
PUT-E-10 Expansion Joint (field fabricated) Wide Weld Splice – Curb to Curb160 kB


File Name Size Download
PUT-T-06 Termination With Surfaced Mounted Counterflashing and Termination Bar 167 kB
PUT-T-11 Termination at Top of Wall With Coping 118 kB
PUT-T-12 Termination at Top of Wall with Firestone Coping 128 kB
PUT-T-13 Alternate Termination at Top of Wall with Firestone AnchorGard Platinum 105 kB
PUT-T-15 Termination at R.T.U. With CounterFlashing (unit Flange above membrane) 183 kB
PUT-T-18 Termination at R.T.U. with Welded Splice (unit flange mounted to substrate) 129 kB
PUT-T-19 Termination at R.T.U. with Welded Splice and Counterflashing (unit flange mounted to substrate) 169 kB
PUT-T-23 Intermediate Wall Flashing Attachment with Welded Splice133 kB