fPP-R Geomembrane

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File Name Size Download
TIS 106 – Firestone Unsupported Polypropylene (fPP) Flashing147 kB
TIS 107 – Firestone Unsupported Polypropylene (fPP) Geomembrane123 kB
TIS 108 – TPO Geomembrane142 kB
TIS 303 – Firestone Reinforced Polypropylene (fPP-R) Geomembrane103 kB

Adhesives and Sealants

File Name Size Download
TIS 214 – Firestone fPP-R Welding Rod122 kB
TIS 215 – UltraPly TPO General Purpose Sealant178 kB
TIS 220 – UltraPly TPO Cut Edge Sealant208 kB

Fasteners and Plates

File Name Size Download
TIS 302 – Coated Drive Pin Fastener190 kB
TIS 303 – Concrete Drive Fastener181 kB
TIS 304 – All-Purpose Fastener203 kB
TIS 305 – All-Purpose Stainless Steel Fastener162 kB

Battens and Bars

File Name Size Download
TIS 401 – Metal Batten Strip187 kB
TIS 402 – Coiled Metal Batten Strip137 kB
TIS 404 – Termination Bar119 kB

QuickSeam Accessories

File Name Size Download
TIS 501 – QuickSeam Cover Strip171 kB
TIS 503 – QuickSeam FormFlash84 kB
TIS 504 – QuickSeam Joint Cover177 kB
TIS 505 – QuickSeam Corner Flashing110 kB
TIS 506 – QuickSeam Pipe Flashing126 kB
TIS 507 – QuickScrubber Plus Primer Application System121 kB
TIS 508 – QuickRoller202 kB
TIS 511 – QuickScrubber Kit116 kB
TIS 515 – QuickSeam Conduit Flashing130 kB

Miscellaneous Accessories

File Name Size Download
TIS 601 – UltraPly TPO Eco Walkway Pad110 kB
TIS 602 – UltraPly TPO Inside/Outside Corner104 kB
TIS 702 – Silicone Rubber Roller101 kB