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Firestone Technical App for Android EOL Final Revision

The FirestoneRoof mobile web app is a free, convenient way for building owners, facility managers, roofing consultants and others charged with maintaining commercial roofing systems to connect with Firestone. The app is available for use on mobile phones equipped with Internet access, with options to e-mail a request or click-to-talk with a representative.

From Roofs To Rooftops, Firestone Building Products is the single source for your Firestone Building Envelope needs including roof, wall, and specialty products. Firestone Systems are continually recognized for their exceptional construction and original designs demonstrating a commitment to quality, design, craftsmanship and the environment.

Firestone Building Products is a leading manufacturer of EPDM, TPO, modified bitumen and metal roofing and wall panel systems, polyiso insulation and accessories for the commercial roofing industry. Firestone also offers a number of green building products including photovoltaic, daylighting, water management and vegetative roofing systems.

The FirestoneRoof mobile web app has the following features:

  • Multiple views – Explore Firestone Building Products and solutions from different angles and in a variety of real world settings
  • Product specifics – See how Firestone solutions work and apply to a wide range of projects
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1. If you havent already done so, goto your playstore and uninstall FSBP Technical App. Uninstall procedures vary from Android device to Android device. This is recommended but not required.

Note: If you are unsure as to how to uninstall an app, please refer to This Article

2. To install the EOL app edition on any Android Device, click the download link below:


Important: On some android systems you may see a popup in chrome that says “show simplified view”. You must exit this before you download the app.

3. On some android devices, the install will happen after you download the APK install file. Great! Install it. However, on some android devices, you will need to go to your download folder and manually click on the download file to initiate the install. This varies from phone to phone and tablet to tablet.

Hint: Downloads can be accessed either through notification icon that appears on your device OR by clicking the chrome menu button in the upper right hand corner of your browser and then by clicking downloads.

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Important: Your android may or may not ask you to allow installs of “unknown” apps. This simply means that the app did not come from the playstore. You will need to allow it in order to complete the install. Here are some possible screen shots showing how to allow it based on a generic android build:

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