Enverge™ FlashGard™ Thru-Wall Flashing

Enverge™ FlashGard™ Thru-Wall Flashing


Excellent Thermal Stability. Superior Weather Resistance.

Firestone Enverge FlashGard Thru-Wall Flashing is a high-performance, flexible membrane used to protect masonry walls from water damage. This tough, resilient EPDM membrane has excellent thermal and dimensional stability, as well as superior resistance to weathering, ozone and ultraviolet radiation.

Enverge FlashGard Shield Image

Features and Benefits

Offers strong resistance to UV and ozone and can remain
exposed on a job site for an extended period (eliminating the need for rework if construction delays occur).

Remains flexible in all temperatures, allowing for year-round installation in all weather conditions and adaptability to irregular shapes and contours.

Offers puncture and tear resistance to withstand harsh job site conditions.

Delivers outstanding expansion and contraction characteristics so materials move with the building.

Provides long-lasting durability and resistance to corrosion, and maintains its flexibility for years.


Enverge FlashGard Image

Ideal for masonry veneer and cavity wall construction where long-term performance and UV stability is most important.

Complementary Products

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Firestone Enverge FlashGard Installation Video

File Name Size Download
FC-1 – Stone Coping 110 kB
FC-2 – Metal Coping 74 kB
FCW-1 – Cavity Wall Base Flashing Set In Mortar Joint 84 kB
FCW-2 – Cavity Wall Flashing Adhered to Wall Face 85 kB
FCW-3 – Cavity Wall Spandrel Beam 84 kB
FDH-1 – Door Header 74 kB
FED-1 – Typical End Dam 86 kB
FED-2 – End Dam In Base Flashing At Door Jamb 67 kB
FIC-1 – End Dam At Inside Corner 88 kB
FMS-1 – Metal Drip At Shelf Angle 70 kB
FOC-1 – End Dam At Inside Corner 82 kB
FRE-1 – Cavity Wall At Roof Edge 71 kB
FS-1 – Enverge FlashGard to Enverge FlashGard Seam 49 kB
FSP-1 Flashing Seal At Penetration 60 kB
FSW-1 – Single-Wythe Sill And Header 69 kB
FSW-2 – Single-Wythe Flashing At Base 62 kB
FSW-3 – Single-Wythe Flashing at Parapet 76 kB
FW-1 – Cavity Wall Base Flashing At Stud-Veneer Wall Base 98 kB
FWH-1 – Window Header 79 kB
FWH-2 – Stud Meta Window Header 83 kB
FWH-3 – Stud-Metal Wall Window Header 80 kB
FWS-1-Model 290 kB
FWS-2 – Cavity Wall At Metal Window Sill 79 kB
FWS-3 – Residential Window Sill 86 kB
FWS-4 – Stud Wall At Window Sill 87 kB
File Name Size Download
Enverge FlashGard Thru-Wall Flashing Sell Sheet – Item FG-2000 299 kB
File Name Size Download
FlashGard Detail 1 – Adhering FlashGard Thru-Wall Flashing with a Termination Bar 266 kB
FlashGard Detail 2 – Imbedding FlashGard Thru-wall Flashing into a Masonry Construction Wall 227 kB
FlashGard Detail 3 – Creating a Seam with QuickSeam Splice Tape 202 kB
FlashGard Detail 4 – Installing an Outside Corner with QuickSeam Corner Flashing 299 kB
FlashGard Detail 5 – Installing an Inside Corner with QuickSeam Corner Flashing 346 kB
File Name Size Download
Bonding Adhesive BA-2012S (17L Canister) – SDS 1 MB
Enverge™ Air and Vapor Barrier SA (Self Adhered) Membrane and Enverge™ ThruWall Flashing SA (SelfAdhered) Membrane – SDS 454 kB
Enverge™ FlashGard™ Adhesive Tape – SDS 453 kB
Enverge™ FlashGard™ PreFormed End Dam – SDS 454 kB
Enverge™ FlashGard™ PreFormed Inside Corner – SDS 454 kB
Enverge™ FlashGard™ PreFormed Outside Corner – SDS 454 kB
Enverge™ FlashGard™ Self Adhered Thru-Wall Flashing – SDS 453 kB
Enverge™ FlashGard™ Thru-Wall Flashing – SDS 454 kB
Enverge™ FlashGard™ ThruWall Reinforced Flashing – SDS 321 kB
QuickPrime Plus Primer – SDS 582 kB
QuickPrime™ Plus LVOC – SDS 725 kB
QuickSeam™ Corner Flashing – SDS 260 kB
QuickSeam™ Splice Tape – SDS 308 kB
Single-Ply LVOC Primer – SDS 543 kB
Splice Wash SW-100 Cleaner – SDS 532 kB
Spray Adhesive/Primer 7877 – SDS 316 kB
Water Block Seal S-20 – SDS 529 kB
File Name Size Download
Single-Ply LVOC Primer – TIS 1445 173 kB
TIS 201 – QuickPrime Plus 161 kB
TIS 209 – Water Block Seal (S-20) 165 kB
TIS 210 – 7877 Spray Adhesive/Primer 128 kB
TIS 302 – Coated Drive Pin Fastener 190 kB
TIS 304 – All-Purpose Fastener 203 kB
TIS 502 – QuickSeam Splice Tape 269 kB
TIS 505 – QuickSeam Corner Flashing 110 kB
TIS 511 – QuickScrubber Kit 116 kB
TIS 702 – Silicone Rubber Roller 101 kB
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